Eigh, How many rules would you break for love?

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Title: 8,how many rules would you break for love?
Author: Rebeca Stones
Date of Publication: 14 December 2017
Genre: juvenile/romantic
Synopsis:tells a story about a girl whose job is to make others happy in a maximum of 8 weeks and 8 extra days if she doesn't get it, then she must get out of people's lives, so she must not get attached to them, tells the story of her and a boy Max who will change his rules.
Major themes : love, sea, friendship, self-realization, happiness
Main characters: Mia, Max and Lucas
Hot points: the way a person can change your life, and the influence the sea has on this story.
 Personal opinion:I highly recommend it if you like unusual love novels, as this is a pretty well written novel, and tells a pretty interesting story with different points of view