The Joy of Creation Story Mode

The Joy of Creation Story Mode

Game type:

It is a horror video game based on the Five Night at Freddy's saga that was created by Scott Cawthon


Nikson Programador, Diseñador de niveles, Sonidos, Editor animatrónico, Desarrollador, Pistas musicales adicionales, Phisnom - Diseñador, Asesor, Probador, Lucifersam01 - Animaciones, Nathan Hanover - OST, MrBreino - Escritor, EverythingAnimations - Modelos animatrónicos base, Ry-Guy, Olivia Steele, RyanTheMic - Actores de voz.

Initial release date: 17/7/2017

Platforms: This game is available only in PC


This game, being a Fan Made (Videogame created by a fan with content from the original videogame for example it can have: history, characters, etc.) does not specify which is the recommended age.

Mode: Single Player


It's the night of August 8, 2016, and Five Nights at Freddy's 2nd Anniversary has passed. Celebrated around the world, the hit independent horror series and its creator have become a place in modern culture and in the hearts of many. But success doesn't just bring fortune to your door. Play through the eyes of Scott Cawthon and his family as they try to survive inside their own home on the terrible night that horror came true, the scorched beings whose origin and motives are still unknown. Find the secrets lurking in the house and uncover the mysterious events that led to the cancellation of the next game in the series.

Main characters:

-Animatronics Ignited: Freddy, Bonnie, chica, Foxy y Golden Freddy.

-Animatronics Fallen: Endo B "Angel", Endo R "Blue", Endo C " Mouth", Endo F "Red"

-Animatronic "XXXXXX": Creation

-Human Characters: La familia de Scott Cawthon

Hot points: Jumpscares, level and animatronic design,the difficulty (Is very very hard), voices, sounds, graphics and gameplay

Weaknesses: You need a good computer to play well and it depends on which areas the FPS fall into.

Sales: It's free and has over 7.8 million downloads

Personal opinión:

It is the game that has scared me the most to play it in my life, the tension that is spent playing is beastly, the story is a bit simple but it is cool, the mechanics of each level are good and intuitive and finally the design of all animatronics. In short, it is one of the best FanMades that there is of FNAF and many games would like to be at this point, it is a great horror game

Sergio Gómez Cué