Hunter x Hunter

                                           Hunter x Hunter (2011)
Hunter x Hunter" y la importancia de los buenos villanos - 35 ...

Genre: Anime/ manga shonen.
Developer: Shūkan Shōnen Jump
Release day:This anime was published on March 3, 1998 but it has an adaptation that consists of being the same anime but with better and newer animation published in 2011.
Plataform: You can see it both in manga and in applications to read manga that are quite common as well as you can see it in anime on some platforms like Animeflv.
Plot: Gon Freecss is a boy born on the island of the whale who does not know his parents and lives with his aunt Mito-San. All he knows is that his father is a professional hunter (in this world you can get a hunting license that has many benefits and by doing this you become a hunter) so Gon wants to become a hunter to know how cool it has to be for abandon your own child. Due to this Gon will enter the dangerous hunter exam and there we will meet other of the most important characters in the series. Killua: A member of one of the strongest assassin families in the world (Gon and Killua being children with so much potential will become very friendly) Kurapika: The only survivor of his clan who wants to avenge him and Leorio. This anime and its characters will live many adventures such as the exam, entering a video game or fighting the ghost squad, the largest group of assassins and the most feared.
Main characters: Gon, Killua, Leorio e Hisoka.
Hot poins: The animation is very good, the characters are one of the best characters in all the anime, fishts and also fights are amazing.
Weakness: It´s not finished on anime
Veredict. In my opinion Hunter x Hunter is one of the best shonen anime. Its mandatory to see or to read it and you will love it as me.


  1. HxH is with One Piece my 2 favourite shonen adventure mangas. The publication has passed through so many "hiatus", that is very uncertain if this manga will come to it´s end. I hope we can see the conclussion of this epic story...but I don´t know. Togashi is taking it too easy :C.


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