Africa in the Heart / África en el corazón

África en el corazón (Grandes Lectores): de la Bandera ...África en el corazón (Grandes Lectores): de la Bandera ...CAMERÚN: Pigmeos sin identidad ni educación

Title: Africa in the Heart

Author: Mª Carmen de la Bandera

Date of Publication: 1th april 2011

Genre: Adventure, suspense, drama

Synopsis: Diko is a young man who lives in Kongle in Cameroon with his grandfather. One day, his grandfather died in a fire, and a Spanish anthropologist named Juan arrived. He teach him to speak Spanish, write, read... but one day he had to go back to Spain and Diko wanted to go with him, but he couldn't because he didn't have papers. Juan left and enrolled him in a school in Cameroon. Diko escaped and went with a man who told him that he would take him to Spain but it was a lie, he captured him to be a soldier in the Cameroon War. There he met Makumba and Hubert, his best friends. One day in the war Makumba was killed by a shot and Hubert and Diko escaped. When they reached a port they separated, Hubert left and Diko went on his way to Spain. He found a sailor who took him to Senegal, on the way he met Dora, the wife of the ship's captain, and told her if he wanted to go to Morocco with her. Diko told her that he had no papers, and she falsified them, so they went to Morocco and there they separated. Diko met some men who were going to take him to Spain but they were caught by the police, so he continued on his own. From here the end begins, I'm not going to make spoilers... Read the book, it's fantastic!

Major themes: Immigration, Africa, Friendship, Travel

Main characters: Diko, Diko's grandfather, Dora, Makumba and Hubert

Adaptations (on cinema, TV, theatre, literature): There are no film adaptations, but if they did, it would be very emotional and everyone should see it 

Hot points / Weaknesses and opinoin: For me the book was perfect, without any weaknesses, it wasn't very long and something was happening all the time, besides it is very authentic and I think it is convenient to read it to understand the African immigrants


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