GTA 5 

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Genre: This is an action action-adventure game in which you can do everything you want in the city of "Los Santos" (Los Ángeles in real life).

Game type: Is a game desarrollated in the 21th century full of killings and drugs.

Developer: Rockstar Games and Rockstar North.

Initial release date: GTA was released on september 17, 2013.

Platforms: GTA is availsable for PC/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS4/PS3.

PEGI: This game is rated PEGI 18, because the gameplay has some violence and erotic scenes.

Mode: Single player or online mode.

Plot: Michael, Trevor and Franklin know each other from Michael and since then they do missions and robberies together with the help of hacker Lester. At the end of the game they do the May heist of the game, which is difficult but you get a lot of loot.

Main characteres: Michael, Franklin, Trevor, Lester and Brad.

Hot points: You can do all you want, also you can steal shops to win money. You can drive cars, boats, planes, helicopters... The heists are the best things of the game.

Weaknesses: Sometimes there are bugs that don't exist.

Veredict: I love this game and I recommend to everybody because you can do all you want in the city and also there are heists and I love that.


  1. I´ve recently dowloaded it becasuse it was on a promotion on Epic games. At cero cost. But I don´t I´d ever play it. It´s too much violent and crime for me xD.


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