Firefly Lane

Tittle: Firefly Lane 
Author: Kristin Hannah.
Date of publication: 5th february 2008
Genre: romance novel
Synopsis: It's about the story of two best friends, Kate and Tully. In it, he tells his whole life, since they met at the age of 14, until the arrival of adult life. When they met in 1974, Kate was, as she said, a zero to the left in the social life of the institute, and Tully, also as Kate referred when seeing her for the first time, was the coolest girl in the world. Kate did not expect Tully to notice her, or to be her friend, but that was how it happened.
And since the summer of 1974, they were inseparable. From there, he recounts all his adolescence and his time in high school, his arrival at university, both to study journalism, and many other adventures, such as the arrival of love in their lives, because, for example, Kate falls in love and get married with the boss of the first place where they both worked for the first time as journalists, but who was first in love with Tully.
Main characters: Kate and Tully
Veredict: I love this book because it does not seem like a romance novel to me like all the others, but it tells a different story and full of values and teachings, and that is something I value very much in a novel.