“El anónimo”

Title: El Anónimo/ The anonymous

Author: Natasha Preston
Date of publication: 6 February 2018
Genere: suspense, mistery, and may be a little bit of fear.
Synopsis: The story tells about a group of young people who go to the same university together and decide to rent a house so that they can all live together. One day they wake up and everything seems to be going like normal, but this changes when one of the girls receives a letter from a secret admirer. The guys took it as a joke, and didn't give it much thought, until, the next day, one of them turned up dead. And it didn't stay there, but more guys in the house disappeared and turned up dead. That's why the police and the remaining guys started to investigate.
Opinion: I lije so much this book, and I recomend it to all people who like this genere, because, the suspense and mystery are up to the end of the book.

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