In the 1990s Madrid, Verónica and her friends hold a Ouija board session in the basement of their high school. At the end, Verónica is possessed by supernatural presences that threaten to harm her and her family. From here, Verónica begins to notice paranormal activity when she is alone at home or with her siblings. She tries to tell her friends and his mother but they don't believe her and don't listen to her.

The main characters are: Verónica, his brothers; Lucía, Irene and "Antoñito" and their mother.

The context of the film is based on 1990 in Madrid.

I recommend it because it's a story based on real events in Madrid, which gives the film more play. Also, it's not as scary as other films, but because it's based on real events, it makes you get more involved.


  1. Pequeños momentos de tensión, con un mensaje detrás, en mi opinión


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