The Society | Sitio oficial de NetflixThis series is about a city where a strange smell arrives for the second time, and the inhabitants of this city decide to do something about it. The young people are taken on a trip with the school to the countryside, and their families stay in the city to fix everything. But the whole plan changes when the boys are about to arrive at the camp and they are told that because of a series of problems they cannot, so they go back down to their village, and there everything changes. They realize that their families and everyone who lived there has disappeared, but the really strange thing is that, when they decided to take a car to leave the village, there was no way out, so they had been left alone in the village, and they would have to learn to survive with each other, which would lead to many crises and fights.
In short, teenagers will party, panic, suffer, fight and ultimately be forced to decide how to deal with the unthinkable.