Money Heist



Is about, 7 personas who meet in 
an estate to plan de biggest heist is 
to enter the Royal Mint of Spain, 
print €2.4 billion euros and 
then disappear without leaving 
any traces . In order to do this, 
they live 5 moths in seclusion on 
the estate while learning 
the masterplan of El Professor
step by step. 

Based on the context, it deals 
                                                                                                                     with current events in Spain 
                                                                                                                            and part of Italy.


El Professor  has some rules to enforce this: no names, no personal information, wearing red overalls and Salvador Dali masks and no relationships. Gang is named after a city:
Tokyo: fugitive thief
Berlin: a gentleman gangster who robbed jewelleries, auction houses and security vans. He's in charge of the team.
Moscow: a professional digger who robbed banks by digging tunnels into the safe
Denver: son of Moscow, a hot blooded youngster who speaks with his fists
Rio: a computer wizard specialised in hacking alarm systems
Oslo & Helsinki: two Serbian muscle mercenaries who fought some wars together
Nairobi: a professional forger

An excellent serie, which has everything, well scripted and very well edited. It's creative, entertaining, and makes you get hooked very easily.
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