Final Space

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Final Space: It is a science fiction animation series that presented its first season in 2018 and its second in 2019.It's about the adventures of Gary Goodspeed, who falls in love at first sight with an Infinity Guard captain named Quinn and wreaks havoc on her star fleet by trying to impress her. As a consequence Gary is sentenced to 5 years of space work on a spaceship called Galaxy One, integrated with an artificial intelligence called H.U.E. and accompanied by K.V.N. as a companion to avoid space madness by loneliness and whom Gary hates since he met him. One day Gary was watching a movie in the galaxy One, when he ran into his pet and friend Mooncake, a kind of green oval alien who he loves and decides to accompany him. What Gary doesn't know is that Mooncake is a " planet-destroyer "that is sought by the Lord Commander, as he needs it to open a gap to the dimension called Final Space where only monstrous creatures are found that spread terror and panic destroying everything they can find and fighting among themselves to get more territory: the Titans.