Euphoria is an HBO series that tells the story of a group of teenagers who have problems with drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social networks, love and friendship.

Euphoria temporada 2: fecha de estreno y noticias | The Unborn Movie


Rue played by Zendaya is a young woman who comes out of a desintoxication center after being found in an overdose by her little sister Gia, but Rue has no intention of staying clean and as soon as she returns she goes to buy drugs from her friends Fezco and her younger brother Ashtray. When she returns home her mother, Leslie, thinks she has relapsed and Rue asks her best friend Lexi to help her by falsifying the drug test. Jules is a girl, a transgender who was in a psychiatric hospital, new in town who took summer classes with Kat. Kat invites her to a party hosted by a football player, McKay, but she turns him down to meet an older man from a dating application. At that party Kat loses her virginity and finds out that a video of her has been leaked, she denies it but realizes that she can make a lot of money out of it. Maddy is Nate's flashing girlfriend, they have a very toxic relationship because they often break up, cheat on each other.

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