El embarcadero

"El embarcadero" is a series filmed in the Valencian community. The series begins with a couple, Alexandra and Óscar, a couple who lives in the center of Valencia. One day, the police call Alejandra to tell her that they have found her husband dead in la Albufera. She denies it, becuse thelast time she talked wih him, she tell her she was in Germany. But yes, it was him, she recognices the corpse. When the police give her Oscar's objects, she notices another cell phone unknowns for her, with photos and contacts that she didn't know. She discover that he had a lover, and goes to Albufera to see her, she was very angry. She discovers her husband that he had two lives, one with her in the center of Valencia and the other in the Albufera with the other woman, Veronica. Alexandra, unable to tell her that she's Oscar's wife, decides to be her friend, lying, prentending to be biologist called Martina. She wants to discover more secrets about oscar.
I recommend watching this series because it keeps you intrigued. It is very mysterious, 
and you always want to see what will happen in the next chapter.
Besides, the photography is wonderful and charming. 

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